About the Center

Why Chattanooga Neurology & Headache Center?

Chattanooga Neurology & Headache Center is dedicated to patients with headaches, such as women’s migraine headaches, post-traumatic headaches (from injury, trauma, concussion), headaches after brain or neck surgery, headaches from cervical spine arthritis and degenerative disease, tension-type headaches, sexual headaches, and in many cases, headaches with unknown reason.

What sets apart Dr. Han from other neurologists?

In addition to being an adult neurologist, Dr. Han used to be a neurosurgeon in China, trained in the New York Headache Center, and has pain management skills in interventional pain management procedures and injections. His previous experience in Neurosurgery and Pain Management helps tremendously in managing headache patients.

As a neurologist, Dr. Han thinks and carefully analyzes each individual case. His previous experience in Neurosurgery also broadens his scope in Neurology and enables him to confront patients with severe and constant headaches with confidence and skill. His pain management skills provide additional tools to help patients cope with the pain.

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